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Indian Summer Design Studio

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Font Editor Software UI/UX (Animation)

The main and usual issue when editing Bézier curves in vector graphics software (and font editors, in particular) is the pixel hunting. Artist must point the massive cursor with the even more massive mouse or pen precisely over these pesky control points and handles, usually 3×3 pixels, a thousand times over. That's funny game, but what if we have our control points and handles a little bit larger? Now they overshadows the glyphs we working on? Hold Shift to show them and release it to hide them again.

An active area for control point is larger than its visible size in normal state. When cursor hovers that area, control point gets increased to provide the necessary visual feedback. If control points are too close, so their active areas overlap — the one of them selected whose center is slightly closer to the cursor. So we have 1:1 pixel precision while working with handy 10:10 pixels tolerances.

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