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Indian Summer Design Studio

type design · calligraphy · lettering · graphics

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Japanese and Chinese calligraphy

Technically, Japanese and Chinese calligraphy are not harder to perform than our, European one. Their difficulty for us is in impossibility to quickly perceive the usus — an experience of letterform nuances, gained for many years. What shapes are possible, and what are not. Not because there are some rules how to write them, but because they are never written that way. This experience man gets from birth to death, just by being inside the visual environment, seeing dozens of inscriptions each day and noticing their peculiarities, consciously or not. As well Japanese or Chinese people can not guess Cyrillic scripts (Latin letters are much easier for them because they see them from birth, like we do). Moreover, likewise the one who are not interested in details of type design for his own language, will write letters in a readable way, for sure, but he will not be able to follow their proper typographic style.

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